Smile Design: Natural Is The New Beautiful

Society is in a constant state of flux, therefore making it only reasonable that their tastes and preferences are constantly evolving. Not too long ago, people considered bleach white colored teeth as the gold standard in smiles. People who had their teeth whitened or veneers fixed wanted others to see the difference in their smile design, there was no such thing as being subtle when it came to matters of beauty. Recently, however there has been a shift towards favoring a more natural look as more and more people these days are getting a variety of cosmetic procedures done thus giving rise to a homogeneous population. Now, everyone wants to feel like they are special and well what better way to achieve that then staying true to your natural features.

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Bringing out the natural aesthetics of your smile is a multi-faceted process that encompasses more than just deciding which shade of white you want your teeth to be. There are several other elements that must be taken into consideration to give you a truly stunning result. One of the most important aspects is your facial structure as even though it might be unnoticeable the way in which your jawline is structured has a great impact on the appearance of your face. Therefore a careful analysis of the facial features is needed to design a smile that both enhances and gracefully blends with your face.

The other major component which is also the hardest part of the smile design process, is customizing  the smile to match the shade of your gums and teeth. Unless you are getting a completely new set of teeth, whereby shade matching is not very relevant, this step is crucial to achieve that naturally beautiful smile. In order to create a harmonious color appearance, you will most likely need to custom bleach those teeth which will remain untouched. Some people elect to get laser teeth whitening done prior to the custom shade matching analysis in order to speed up the process since this eliminates having to get a custom bleach done since they are happy with getting their new restorations to match the shade of their recently whitened teeth.

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Your dream smile awaits at Smile By Vincent, whereby Vincent Devaud a master in his art will work with you to meticulously craft a stunning set of restorations while retaining the authenticity of your natural teeth. The quality of his work speaks for itself, there can be no greater proof than the nine academy award best actors who had their smiles designed and created personally by Vincent Devaud.

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