Sirona inLab MC X5

Sirona inLab MC X5

Dental implants must be assessed by an team of dentists, including a dental surgical specialist, a restorative dentist, as well as a dental laboratory technician. The dental laboratory technician are the ones fabricating the implants, and with the Sirona inLab MC X5, production is more efficient than ever! The Sirona inLab MC X5 is state of the art technology that allows dental technicians more freedom and variety in designing and producing their implants.


The technician needs to be able to design the implants and, like fingerprints, patients each have very different sets of teeth. The inLab MC X5 is designed to address the software used to design the implants, giving the technician more freedom to process third-party data. This allows the technician to maintain the quality of the design, and overall product in the end.

The inLab MC X5 is also equipped with an automatic tool changer. It can be fitted with up to six tools at once and the technician can prepare the tool magazine beforehand, personally choosing the tools they deem fit for the job at hand.

The interior of the inLab MC X5 is also designed with smooth edges and rounded contours, making it extremely easy to clean because it reduces deposit amounts. The coverable tool magazine and software-supported cleaning system were all implemented to make the technician’s work much easier, therefore allowing them to focus more on the quality of the product.


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The inLab MC X5 also has a great variety in the different kinds of materials it can process. This list includes zirconium oxide, polymers, composites, wax and metals as well as glass and hybrid ceramics. This gives the dental technician a lot more options to choose what material would be the best fit to make the implant for the patient.

It’s also able to process standard disks and blocks in a single machine. It even has a multi-block holder that allows maximum productivity even with single tooth applications. The system, with it’s compatibility with its variety of materials as well as methods of processing, is able to handle any tasks that the technician provides.

In terms of freedom of design and production, the Sirona inLab MC X5 is able to create any dental implant the patient needs. It is user-friendly, so that makes it much easier on the technician when making the implants. It is also equipped to be able to handle any types of material or job that the technician throws at it. This way, the technician doesn’t have to worry about the efficiency of the production, and can focus more on the quality of the product.

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