The Celebrity Smile Secret

We all have dreamed of a picture perfect smile, the one all the celebrities and public figures seem to be flashing these days. Want to know the secret behind the celebrity smile? The answer is veneers.

Veneers are very thin, custom designed shells that are meant to be bonded to the front of teeth as a solution for problems such as stained, chipped, gapped or uneven teeth.

A very small amount of the front of your teeth will be scrapped of before the veneer is cemented. This ensures natural formation of your teeth are maintained and they do not stick out from those teeth that have not had veneers attached to them.

They are commonly made out of porcelain or composite resin materials as a consequence of their physical properties which mimic those of our natural teeth. Veneers are often recommended by dentists because they are a minimally invasive procedure compared to crowns for a lot of dental issues. Added benefits of veneers are their superior resilience to stains over our natural teeth and strength.

Generally it takes around a week, up to a month for the veneers to be crafted by the lab. Part of this process includes a custom shade analysis whereby the color of the veneers will be matched to that of your natural teeth.

For those of you wanting to achieve your dream smile in the shortest time possible, a visit to Smile By Vincent is a must. Since we are a dental lab with access to the latest in dental restoration technology, your custom veneers will be ready a lot faster without any compromise to the quality of the final restoration. Find out more by giving us a call.

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