Many people tend to be self-conscious when they have stained or discolored teeth. Hence they try to avoid situations where other people can see their teeth. Research has further shown that people tend to be attracted to those with whiter teeth.

Whiter teeth means a more confident you!

However rest assured as putting the shine back into your smile is only a few steps away. At Smile By Vincent we use custom bleach trays for the teeth whitening process. This procedure does not require highly invasive surgeries and is suitable for people with very sensitive teeth. Furthermore it is much easier for patients to control how white they want their teeth to be since the trays are worn over a period of time until the desired shade is reached.

The process begins by taking an impression of the patient’s teeth in order to create a customized bleaching tray which usually takes a few days to complete. Once the tray is done the patient will come into the office for the initial bleaching whereby   whitening gel is placed into the tray and inserted into the mouth for around one hour. The patient will then be given the custom fitted tray and bleaching gel to repeat the process at home. Although a certain duration will be recommended, the bleaching process can be continued further or stopped to achieve your desired results. This is usually dependent on the severity of the stains and how regularly the trays are used.