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Before the installation of new restorations such as veneers or crowns, it is imperative that they are able to seamlessly blend in with the surrounding molar structure. Therefore, at Smile Vicntsto perform  a custom shade analysis for the client to ensure that restorations merge with the shade of your existing teeth while simultaneously retaining the authenticity of your natural teeth. This requires a high degree of finesse as well as an understanding on how to harmoniously combine science and artistry to recreate natural aesthetics. Attaining such precision is not an easy feat! However, since you will be working directly with the Master Ceramist himself, Vincent Devaud, at our lab in Beverly, you can rest well-assured that your new smile will be a work of art whilst remaining unique to yourself.

The patient will first come in for a custom shade analysis consultation with Master Ceramist Vincent Devaud. In order to correctly identify the shading composition of the new restorations, he will analyse the hue, translucency, chroma, texture, value and tooth morphology using custom-made shading tabs, digital photography, various lighting conditions and angles, shade mapping and 3D modeling.

Once the shading of the dental restorations have been determined the Master Ceramist will carefully layer various shades of porcelain to replicate the natural teeth. It is the firm belief of our Master Ceramist that an excellent application of any restorations is measured by the ability of his customized shade matching to or the “perfect imperfecta”.