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Our unique partnership with the Doctors and patients offers a case by case approach focused on the education of choices along with market awareness and price validation. We give patients exclusive access to the highest caliber of smile design and treatments delivered by highly experienced and passionate practitioners. The result is an unparalleled experience to reveal the you that you aspire to be.

Vincent Devaud – Master Ceramist Extraordinaire

Vincent Devaud, a Swiss Master Ceramist with over three decades of experience, is a true maestro in the realm of dental ceramics. His journey began in 1981 when he graduated from Switzerland’s EPSIC college of Dental Technology, earning a prestigious four-year National Degree Certification (CFC). Driven by a pursuit of excellence, Vincent devoted an additional two years to become an accredited Master in Dental Ceramics (M.D.T.), specializing in the artistry of aesthetic ceramics. Throughout his career, he has also collaborated with esteemed Dental Schools at both UCLA and USC, contributing his expertise in various capacities.

Vincent’s passion for the art of ceramics can be traced back to his childhood, where he marveled at the artistic works of his father, an acclaimed sculptor and painter. Captivated by the beauty of art, Vincent’s fascination with fine art and creative design led him to embark on a career in the aesthetic realm of dentistry. Inspired to create captivating masterpieces of his own, he sought to leave a lasting impression through his craft.

In 1984, Vincent embarked on a journey to the United States, seeking to refine his expertise by working with leading Dental Laboratories in Southern California and participating in extensive workshops. Recognizing his immense potential, several industry experts took him under their wing. Among them was Charlie Pincus, widely regarded as the founding father of Aesthetic Dentistry, who personally mentored Vincent. Embracing a philosophy of lifelong learning, Vincent remains deeply committed to advancing his clinical and technical education, constantly pushing the boundaries of his craft.


Since 1989, Vincent has owned and operated a prestigious boutique dental laboratory, offering personalized services tailored to the unique needs of both dentists and patients. He firmly believes in the harmonious fusion of science and art, employing their synergy to create breathtaking, natural-looking smiles that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also promote oral health.

The remarkable quality and finesse of Vincent’s work have graced the most illustrious smiles in Hollywood, as well as those of prominent figures in the Music and Fashion industries. Moreover, his clientele extends across the globe, catering to a discerning international audience. A testament to his unparalleled skill and artistry is the fact that nine Academy Award-winning Best Actors have entrusted Vincent to personally craft their radiant smiles.

With Vincent Devaud as your ceramist, you are in the hands of a true virtuoso who blends technical mastery with artistic brilliance. Entrust your smile to his expertise, and experience the transformative power of a smile crafted with precision, artistry, and a touch of Hollywood glamor.

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