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Finally, now you can have the smile of your dream! Launching our exclusive SAME DAY SMILE service for you!
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We offer the ultimate & fastest reliable high-quality realistic smile services. Our service is simply the fastest and most comprehensive smile design service available anywhere!
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We put the client in the driver's seat from the beginning
Redesigning the Traditional Approach to Cosmetic Dentistry
A collaboration between the smile designer, dentist & client

WELCOME TO SMILE BY VINCENT – Smile Designer to the Stars

Swiss Master Ceramist & Smile Consultant

At Smile By Vincent Devaud we take a holistic and fully integrated approach towards designing your perfect smile using a combination of art and science. We like to call it the “perfect, imperfecta”; a natural looking smile whilst beautiful in appearance. To achieve this, we have transformed aesthetic dentistry by making the client a participant in the process of redesigning their smile.

Our philosophy is simple:  in order to work in the patient’s best interests there needs to be a three-way communication between the smile designer, dentist and patient. The result is pricing that truly reflects the quality and greater client satisfaction. Only you truly know what your dream smile should look like, hence you should, be in control of the design process. Give us a call today and find out how you can benefit from our revolutionary approach towards aesthetic dentistry. With a repertoire that includes several academy award winners and various high profile clients ranging from celebrities to royalty, there is no one better than Vincent Devaud when it comes to the perfect smile.

Javier Vasquez and Vincent Devaud in Orlando at SIROWORLD 2016 to discuss high-end esthetics.

Actress and former Miss Lebanon Nadine Njeim shows off her radiant smile which was custom designed by Vincent Devaud.


  • Vincent Devaud
    Vincent Devaud C.F.C, M.D.T, Master Ceramist

    National degree certification (CFC), from EPSIC college of Dental Technology in Lausanne, Switzerland. Additional ceramic specialty (M.D.T.) interest on aesthetic ceramics.