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Our practice uses a comprehensive approach to create the smile of your dreams. We blend artistic expertise and scientific knowledge to create the “perfect, imperfecta” – a smile that effortlessly radiates natural beauty.

Vincent is a renowned expert in creating stunning smiles. With over 35+ years of experience in the field of aesthetics, he has established his reputation by working at the highest level, catering to clients who demand nothing but excellence. He has worked with celebrities and royalty to create some of the most unique and iconic smiles on the silver screen, bringing a touch of Hollywood glamour to his craft.

Vincent works with specialty dentists to create the perfect smile, taking into account all the aesthetic aspects of the face. He is the artist behind the scenes, bringing his vision to life. His expertise has earned him a reputation as a go-to professional in the industry.

Vincent’s exceptional talent as an artist not only brings joy to his patients but also provides immense value to the dentists he collaborates with. His work is truly a gift to those seeking a beautiful smile.



Creating Your Dream Smile Together

We believe in open communication and collaboration between our highly skilled smile designer, experienced dentist, and you, our valued patient.

Unlike traditional approaches, we empower you to be an active participant in the smile redesign process. We believe that by fostering open communication among all three parties, we can ensure that your best interests are prioritized. This collaborative approach also results in pricing that accurately reflects the exceptional quality of our work and guarantees your utmost satisfaction.

Our unique vision is to create a smile that is completely integrated with your facial features and personality. Through our consultation process, we will work with you to recreate your dream smile.

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Personalized and Comprehensive Approach to Smile Design

Vincent Devaud CFC., MDT is a distinguished Master Ceramist and Smile Design expert renowned for providing exceptional reconstructive, cosmetic, and non-surgical procedures. With his artistic touch, he has created some of the most unique and iconic smiles on the silver screen for multiple Oscar-winning patients.

35 Years of Experience in Aesthetics and Teaching

Up-to-date with the Latest Advances in Science

Comprehensive Aesthetic Options Available

Personalized Integrated Solutions

Discreet and Compassionate Care

Star Treatment and Results


Master Dental Ceramist Vincent Devaud, with his exceptional expertise, will carefully craft a smile that looks natural and enhances your overall appearance.

Embrace the life-changing potential of a smile that mirrors your inner beauty and emanates boundless positivity.


We take immense pride in delivering aesthetically stunning and incredibly natural-looking results.

By upholding our dedication to excellence, our impeccable creations are designed to instill a smile brimming with confidence and charm.


Our team takes great care in creating a personalized shade composition for your dental restorations, paying close attention to the individual color harmonies of your face and mouth.

Vincent Devaud elevates smile design to a whole new level with his unwavering dedication to perfection and capturing the essence of natural beauty.


Combining the expertise of a dental ceramist and lab, we possess the distinct advantage of capturing impressions of your prepared teeth, skillfully creating tailored provisionals, and flawlessly applying them during your visit with our dentist.

You can rest assured that our comprehensive approach will create a seamless transition and no costly re-makes will be required for the final restorations.


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